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Tracking my Package

When will my order arrive?

You can track your order <BASE_URL>[here], using the tracking # that you received in your shipping confirmation email

Timelines can be affected by a few things

  • If you placed your order when the retailer’s business was closed (after 5pm or maybe on a weekend) it might take them a day or two to process. The best source of this information is the retailer who you bought from!
  • Once processed, your package needs to go to the airport. The U.S. is annoyingly large, so this can take a day or two or sometimes three. Luckily, we use trucks (not bicycles) to speed this up.
  • National holidays in the United States or in your home country can slow down package delivery. Vacation is great! But it comes at a cost :)
  • Customs! Sometimes security and taxes get in the way of speed, unfortunately
  • If Godzilla attacks, we might have a small delay
  • If two Godzillas attack we might have a slightly longer delay

In summary (!) timelines are a bit different for every retailer, so please check your retailer’s website for specifics on how long your item will take before it ships.

How long will it take to receive my package?

Orders typically ship out 1-3 business days after you place your order. This time to shipment may vary by retailer and you should check their site for specific timeframes.

Once it’s shipped, your package should then take 6-15 business days in transit to arrive at your door. More remote countries or countries that typically have a longer customs clearance may take additional delivery time.

Where is my tracking number??

Three places to find it!

  1. Confirmation email: Your retailer will notify you within 1-3 days after your order that your package is shipping. That email will have your unique tracking number.
  2. Junk or spam email: If you didn’t get an email, please check your junk/spam folder just in case it’s there.
  3. We can help! If you still can’t find it, please email us (<EMAIL_HELP>) and we’ll find it.
My package is late!! What should I do?

Please take these two steps to help find your package

  • Check the shipment status <BASE_URL>[here] to see if there’s useful info
  • If it’s more than 1 business day late, please <EMAIL_HELP>[contact us] and we’ll help figure out (1) where it is (2) when it should arrive.

We’ll do everything we can to find your package.

My tracking information shows that a package was left at my address, but I can't find it. What should I do?

If you are not home at the time of delivery to receive your package, the driver may have tried leaving the package out of plain sight for safety.

Please take the following steps

  1. Check all exterior doors or anyplace where the package could be placed (e.g. behind a plant)
  2. Ask your neighbors if they received the package
  3. Ask your delivery person where they may have left it

If you are still unable to find the package, <EMAIL_HELP>[contact us] and we’ll help figure out what happened!

Receiving my package

Does Passport offer protection against lost packages?

Why, yes we do! International shipments have a looooooong way to travel and every once in a great while they get lost. That shouldn’t be your problem, we’re the shipping carrier, after all.

Passport guarantees tracked packages which are shipped through our service. It’s part of what we do for our customers to give you peace of mind on your order and not have to sweat the details.

If your shipment has not arrived within 10 days of the expected arrival date, please let us know so that we can help track it down. In these cases, we’ll just ask you a few questions about the shipment and have you sign an affidavit verifying that the package did not arrive.

What should I do if my package is delayed or late?

We do our very best to estimate shipping accurately so that you know down to the day your order is planned to arrive. Occasionally, there may be delays in the shipment due to customs delays or weather events. When these circumstances occur, we’ll be sure to update your shipping status on Passport’s <BASE_URL>[tracking page] so you are aware.

What should I do if my package was delivered, but it is damaged?

First of all, we are sorry to hear that your package arrived damaged. If the contents are also damaged, please <EMAIL_HELP>[contact] Passport’s support team and we will help resolve your issue.

When you contact us, we may ask you a few questions about the damaged package and have you sign an affidavit verifying that the package was damaged. We’ll ask you to provide photos of the damaged package to help us troubleshoot as well.

What do I do if I want to change or cancel my order?

If your item has not yet shipped out from the retailer, please contact them ASAP!

If your item has already been picked up and is en route, please <EMAIL_HELP>[contact] Passport’s support team. We will make every effort to redirect it. However, we cannot guarantee that we’ll always be able to do so.

How do I set up a return or exchange?

Returns and exchanges of your purchase are determined by the retailer you purchased the items from. Please check their return and exchange policies and processes on their website.

Shipping with Passport

Who is Passport?

We are on a mission to build the world’s most beloved international shipping company. We work directly with retailers to provide the best solution to get you, their customer, a package. Passport has a number of trusted shipping partners around the world that ensure your packages arrive safely.

Your experience doesn't end with your shipment! Please contact us <EMAIL_HELP>[here] with any questions. And of course, please let us know how you think we can do better!!

What is the Passport Carefree Guarantee?

Every tracked package shipped with Passport is guaranteed to arrive.

If your shipment has not arrived, please <EMAIL_HELP>[let us know] so that we can help track it down. In these cases, we’ll just ask you a few questions about the shipment and have you sign an affidavit verifying that the package did not arrive.

Which countries does Passport ship to?

We ship to over 200 countries. Some retailers only ship to a few countries, though, so please check their website for specifics on which countries they serve.

What does it cost to ship to my country?

Shipping fees will vary depending on the contents of your order and the destination. Check the retailer’s website that you are looking to order from to get details for your international location.

Will I be charged additional customs fees or import taxes?

Customs fees and import taxes will vary depending on the retailers method of shipping. Please review their website or at checkout to see if this will be included or additional.

Does Passport ship within the U.S.?

At this time we are focused only on international shipments. We’ll let our customers know once we do domestic as well! If you’d like us to handle domestic shipping, <EMAIL_HELP>[please let us know]!

Is Passport available with every retailer?

We’d love to be working with every retailer! Let us know which brands you would love for us to partner with. Please fill out this form and we’ll reach out to them!!

Still have other questions?

For additional information about Passport please use the contact form or email <EMAIL_HELP>.

You guys sound great – do you have any jobs?

Well, thank you very much! Email us at <EMAIL_HIRING>[hiring@passportshipping.com], include a resume or your LinkedIn profile, and a few lines about what you're excited about building next.


Why Passport?

We’re building the world’s most beloved international shipping company. Some of the many benefits of working with Passport include

  • Multiple delivery options to over 200 countries, including Express, Priority and Delivery Duty Paid, among others
  • Custom, branded tracking pages that allow you to remarket to your fans
  • Carefree Guarantee for all tracked orders
  • A lower Total Cost of Shipping, thanks to (1) discounted postage plus (2) significantly lower customer inquiries
Does Passport ship within the U.S.?

At this time we are focused only on international shipments. We’ll let our merchants know once we do domestic as well!

What countries do you ship from?

For now, Passport only ships from the US.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to over 200 countries in the world.

What does Passport charge for shipping internationally?

Passport gets competitive shipping rates from our worldwide logistics partners (e.g. the USPS, Canada Post, Aramex, et al). Our goal is to ensure that you, the merchant and your customer never have any concerns or risks in shipping, duties and taxes. There are no monthly fees, minimums, or extra charges.

We can provide you with exact shipping rates by country and weight once we have a sense of your volume.

Please sign up to ship with Passport here!

Will my quoted duties/taxes change?

Yes, this is likely to happen. Duties and taxes change slightly on daily basis due to exchange rate fluctuations. They may also change periodically because of rate changes by different customs authorities. And, to add more complexity, they may also change if the customs authorities reclassify an item.

What e-commerce platforms do you support?

Passport is built for e-commerce and can be connected regardless of your platform (e.g. Shopify, Shopify Plus, DemandWare, Woo, etc.). <EMAIL_PARTNER>[Contact us] and we’ll talk about how easily you can integrate seamlessly with Passport!

How does Passport work with 3rd party logistics companies and various internal systems?

Passport will connect to the source of your fulfillment, whether it is through your own warehouse or a logistics partner’s Warehouse Management System (WMS). We are already integrated with many systems and can seamlessly integrate with others.

How do I arrange for a pick-up from my warehouse?

Passport will do all of that for you! We’ll work with you to determine the best pick-up times and days and arrange everything else from there. The most efficient and reliable way to get your packages out will be to set up a regular pick-up schedule.

Are there any type of items I can't send with Passport?

There are some items which Passport cannot carry for legal or health and safety reasons. The list of prohibited goods is including but not limited to illicit drugs, counterfeit or pirated articles, explosive or flammable goods, and live animals.

For detailed information, you can refer to:

Some items are subject to restrictions with specific transport rules:

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