Our Mission: Build the most beloved international shipping company.
About us
Passport is the next-generation international shipping company. Brands and 3PLs love Passport because, well, their customers trust us.
  • Every shipment is insured.
  • Packages are tracked to the door.
  • No one ever has to wait on hold with a 1-800 number if they need help!
Our Team
Alex Yancher
Alex Yancher Co-founder and CEO
Aaron Schwartz
Aaron Schwartz Co-founder and COO
Tony Chen
Tony Chen CTO
Heather Wake
Heather Wake Head of operations
Misha Moskovtsev
Misha Moskovtsev VP of engineering
Eugene Ilushechkin
Eugene Ilushechkin Software engineer
Vladimir Rudenko
Vladimir Rudenko Software engineer
Igor Tatarintsev
Igor Tatarintsev Software engineer
Sarah Fahmy
Sarah Fahmy Designer
Eveline Rupenko
Eveline Rupenko Designer
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover Product Hunt
Jack Chou
Jack Chou Affirm
Sam Yam
Sam Yam Patreon
We're hiring
Do you love eCommerce, logistics, solving complex problems or... well at least one of those? We're hiring great people! Email us at hiring@passportshipping.com. Include your LinkedIn profile and a few lines about yourself
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